The Downing of Pan Am 103

Abstract. In the evening of 21 December 1988, Pan Am 103 exploded in the air over the Scottish town of Lockerbie killing 259 people onboard and 11 people on the ground. It was declared the worst air-disaster of the century. Since becoming psychically involved in the senseless downing of the Boeing 747, four-engine jumbo jetliner nearly two decades ago, I have not been free of the episode. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the headlines. I had experienced a foretelling a year earlier and again five hours before the tragedy occurred, and in some inscrutable way I became linked to its fate.

The experience was a precognition of two bombings that I call a duet. It was paranormally revealed to me in a vision 29 December 1987. See “LETTER to FAA” below. I asked the FAA and later the ‘surrogate’ FBI to work this out together, but to no avail. Previously, I had been in contact with the FAA and thought I had their interest. But when a Boeing 737 two-engine jet airliner was reported to have exploded on 2 Jan 1988, coinciding with my prediction to the exact day, the situation changed and I was ignored. I failed to understand the sudden indifference, and thirteen years later the 9-11 tragedy drove the point home. Intelligence agencies had become so absorbed in their individual autonomies that the safety of American people had slipped out of mind. However, it would not have made any difference concerning Pan Am 103, because an entire year would pass before a Boeing 747 exploded in the air to fulfill the second part of the duet. The second bombing occurred in the one-year cycle and more of the same would follow in the future.

The tragedy of Pan Am 103 was traumatic for me. I was in shock, feeling no emotion for all those onboard, their families, friends and relatives, together with the eleven residents of Lockerbie. I viewed myself as a monster, snagged in a growing and bewildering depression lasting several weeks before returning to normal.

In going back a year, the duet had originated in a vision that was like two-film ‘stills’ shown in sequence. I was part of the vision and was ‘here and there’ at the same time. Some call the phenomena non-locality of consciousness while others call it OBE. I choose to think of it as expanded awareness (EA) and make note of the fact that each experience offers uniqueness. ‘Stills’ is a good analogy for describing the timeless paranormal in a framework of “movement without motion.” In some visions, I am looking at myself elsewhere. That elsewhere is spatial and is sometimes dominated by the presence of an unidentifiable other being. Suffices, the simpler EA satisfies the intrigue for placing the emphasis on the experience rather than on lofty wording.

In the first still, I was viewing myself at the cruising altitude of a jet airliner that I initially thought was a B-747. I was observing the aircraft from below the fuselage and was so close I could almost touch it. The second still was of the same jet that by now was distant. I saw two explosions come out the top giving the impression of a timed sequence. Both explosions occurred within the same still, the sequence of which I felt more than observed. I immediately documented the account in a letter to Roger Siggs, my contact with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in San Jose, California, and mailed the letter that same morning. It is copied below.


Tuesday, December 29, 1987

Dear Roger:

I saw another one. I should telephone you, but would rather not. The aircraft was in the sky. There was an explosion coming out the top, followed immediately by a second one, which was much bigger than the first.

Prior to it (the explosions) I kept seeing a 747, like the thing was in my face. I think it was a 747 because as you look at it head on, the upper part of the fuselage (canopy) is trapezoidal. The lower might be bullet shaped and imposing.

From my position, the aircraft was flying west from north of here. It was sunny.

I tried to get as much information as I possibly could (probing). I thought of Flight 1771 and, of course knew what that was. Flt 431, 1721 and twice (then and later) 803. Date: January 1st or 2nd. The latter seems more likely?? I also got the skies of united, but I am not sure how much stock to place in that. Like I indicated, I wanted to get as much information as possible.

This experience was most unusual. It happened shortly after 5:20 AM. I was awake then, as I had been all night. I had been awake over five hours and it seemed like one hour. I do not remember anything like that before.


Still feeling anxious that morning, I telephoned Roger, even though in writing I said I would not. I explained the letter was forthcoming and gave additional details. I said the first and smaller of the two explosions had come out the top near mid-section of the aircraft. The second explosion was forward of the first and came out the top also.

As noted in the letter, two predicted dates were given for the [first] bombing, but 2 January 1988 was pointed out to be the more likely date. Four days after my paranormal encounter, the San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, CA reported that on 2 January 1988 the Kurds claimed to explode a bomb onboard a chartered aircraft. The paper reported that it was a B-737 and that the explosion occurred as the aircraft approached the Aegean coast of Turkey for landing in Izmir. Flight 3780 had originated in Stuttgart, Germany carrying 16 passengers and crewmembers. None survived. See Internet, Aviation Safety Web Pages : airliner hull-losses.

Upon learning the airliner was a Boeing 737 and not a Boeing 747, I researched both aircraft types and learned that the canopy of a B-737 is trapezoidal in shape, unlike that of a B-747. The nose cone of a B-747 is longer and more imposing. I realized that the single aircraft I had psychically witnessed was actually a composite B-737 and B-747. I could only guess a bombing of a B-747 was to follow, but when? It never occurred to me that the bombing would eventuate 12 days short of a full year in what was to become the one-year cycle.

My letter to Roger was returned, stamped “Return to Sender,” and Roger was no longer receiving my phone calls. I wrote to him believing there was some mistake, but my letters were returned. I contacted the FBI but they were not the least receptive. I felt committed to take this as far as I possibly could, despite the painful and shabby way I was being treated. Something new and exciting had happened in the midst of unspeakable horror that with their cooperation could lead to safer skies. I could not get past the telephone receptionist who was screening my calls. Nearly a year later on 21 December 1988 at 5:00 AM, Pacific Time, a second psychical experience occurred. The vision was fleeting and hardly believable and is described below:

I was a part of the vision looking far down on the wreckage left in the aftermath of a large airliner crash. Off to the side, a large portion of the plane appeared isolated from the rest of the wreckage. It appeared to be an engine, or an engine cowling.

What followed just five hours later was the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. The Boeing 747 had crashed into the Scottish village of Lockerbie. Purportedly, the bomb had exploded in the cockpit of the jumbo jet while en route to KennedyAirport in New York from HeathrowAirport in London. Not unlike the Condor flight, first media reports would later prove inaccurate for stating that a radio-cassette player was rigged as a bomb and planted in the cockpit. Instead, the plant was in the left cargo compartment and changes the picture. Two Libyan intelligence officers were said to be responsible in retaliation for the missile downing of Iranian Flight 655 six months earlier. President Reagan failed to issue an apology to Iran (San Jose Mercury News, 7 July 1988) that could have made a difference and was to have serious repercussions for leading to the fatal bombing of Pan Am 103 six months later. The taking of 52 hostages in Iran nine years earlier and holding them captive for over a year was still an emotional issue clouding the air in Washington. Nonetheless, the destruction of a commercial airliner ordered by Captain Will Rogers III of the cruiser U.S.S. Vincennes and then lying about details to a Naval Inquiry Board, was not supported by his guilt ridden crew. They came forward one at a time to set the record straight. Radar had shown that Iranian Flight 655 was not a hostile aircraft in “attack mode,” as Captain Rogers claimed, but was in a climbing pattern from take-off at IranInternationalAirport. Worse, Rogers had maneuvered his ship in Iran’s own territorial waters where he destroyed Flight 655 and denied the fact at the inquiry.

The reality is the Pan Am bombing had been revealed one year earlier together with the Condor 737 flight. Subtle or otherwise the message a year later was “it is too late!” Up until five hours before at approximately 1400 hours, the bombing of Flight 103 might have been averted. The B-747 had landed at HeathrowAirport six hours before a turn-around flight to Kennedy, and in that time the explosive device was planted. The assassin/s entered the aircraft within an hour of its arrival to coincide with my psychical experiencing. Where the FAA and FBI failed for their indifference, the paranormal gave hints of a plot, but was it enough? It hardly seems so, but that is hardly the issue.

The scene of wreckage below continues to be baffling. I saw nothing of the immediate aftermath, when police rushed in to cordon off the area and ambulances and fire trucks moved in quickly. I saw nothing of smoke or any of the mobile lighting systems illuminating the grizzly scene. What the vision revealed was wreckage and nothing else. It was dark, eerie and confusing and looked like a gravesite. I do not want to go too far astray, but I wonder of a place and future elsewhere. Perhaps this was a prediction on a prediction for hinting more about the many mysteries that surround us. Obviously, I have come to the end of the road for the very difficult questions, but one thing seems clear. There was a reason for seeing the wreckage preserved, and the nuances continue even to this day. For example, not long ago I was startled awake from a deep sleep by a woman’s shriek. I have never heard such a horrible sound coming from another person. Pan AM 103 was occupying my mind, so what was I to think?

The fact of a second explosion paranormally witnessed a year earlier was testimonial of the composite. The cryptic synthesis had affirmed two tragic events. The first explosion, the smaller of the two, gave credence to the bigger one to follow, although I never imagined an occurrence a year later. Further, irony was to play a part in both scenarios because of the way the paranormal imaged details. These were to first news reports published by the San Jose Mercury News located in my geographical area.

The investigation disclosed contradictions in those first reports and in both incidents. Beginning with the Condor flight, the Kurds reported they were responsible for the bombing and this is consistent with what I saw in the second ‘still’ However, other reports stated the aircraft “crashed on approach” with no mention of a bombing, as follows:

“The aircraft was off the ILS side beam and crashed into a hill on approach in poor weather. The crew used the wrong VOR and ILS. Pilot overconfidence and co-pilot inactivity during the approach.”

I looked for anything that might shed light on the above and learned that the New York Times through the Associated Press (AP) had run an article on the crash January 3rd without any mention of a bombing. Consistent with the Internet report, “Major Airline Crashes”, the Times stated that the crash occurred Saturday, January 2nd in mountainous countryside. However, the former indicated January 4th as the day of the tragedy, which was incorrect. There is no doubt the crash occurred January 2nd , consistent with my psychical experiencing.

It was puzzling that the paranormal described a scenario based on erroneous first news reports instead of the final report issued by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Moreover, a similar and confusing circumstance relates to Pan Am 103. As mentioned, the second explosion shown in the ‘still’ was forward and atop the aircraft and that, too, correlates with the first news reports. However, the investigation disclosed the cassette was not in the cockpit, but instead in the left side of the cargohold where it exploded. “Major Airline Crashes” states the following:

An item which was subsequently identified by forensic scientists at the Royal Armaments Research and Development Establishment (RARDE) as belonging to a specific type of radio-cassette player and that this had been fitted with an improvised explosive device (IED).”

And quoting from Appendix b:

“The in-flight disintegration of the aircraft was caused by the detonation of an improvised explosive device located in a baggage container positioned on the left side of the forward cargohold at aircraft station 700.”                                     

See also the NTSB /MR-02-90 Report.

The NTSB reported the aircraft exploded in a massive fireball, which does not coincide with the ‘still’ I visually experienced. If the device been planted as described in those first reports, the explosion would not have come out the top, yet curiously, that was how I perceived it. The paranormal had echoed back an image of what I thought would happen based on those initial reports. It had shown a composite in the first ‘still’, which met the future in every detail and then shown something unexpected in a second ‘still’. It was not until gathering information from my other episodes, past and into the future, that I realized the truth. In both tragedies, the paranormal revealed first reports and not final ones. Additionally, it had shown results, not as they would occur but as I would perceive their occurrence, demonstrating once again an extreme for being personal.

It is too straightforward and too true, and therefore too unbelievable. I make a point of this being personal in my article published in London’s Paranormal Review (PR) under “Experiences” dated April 2001. I had experienced in real time two sequential earthquakes, each of which was to my digital clock two minutes off from real time. The paranormal had revealed to my clock settings. The paranormal reveals – people predict. The PR is affiliated with the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) and had received my document approximately a week before the event.

As already mentioned, no other Boeing 747 exploded in that year’s time. The duality of the experience revealed that an explosion on board a B-737 would be the first to materialize, the geographical location of which seems to have been a reference point for the B-747 explosion to follow. In west from north of here, ‘herewas the geographical location of the crash site near Izmir and not where I was at the time. My insignificance was being preserved.

Each encounter with the paranormal offers uniqueness and is characteristic of its intrigue. The most striking were the 9-11 attacks targeting the WTC/Pentagon on 11 September 2001. In my email to the SPR on September 6, I wrote, “Another building explodes” and gave a date of “September 12 or 13.” Ironically, later reports from FOX News indicated the attacks were originally planned for September 12 but were moved up one day to September 11. One of the terrorists was arrested the day before and taken into custody. The concern was that he might be coerced to talk and thereby divulge the plan. It made sense, since only 19 terrorists took part in the four hijackings instead of 20. Five men were to participate in each of the four jetliners. Flight 93, which crashed outside of Pittsburgh, PA, had only four men.

The time and date of the psychical experience was exactly five days to the minute before the first aircraft plunged into a tower of the WTC building, and it literally appeared to explode. The plunge of a second aircraft into the other tower followed shortly afterward. Normally, tragedies attributed to man occur six days after my experiencing, and that would have been the case had the attacks occurred Sept 12. Five days was confusing, and I concluded Al Qaeda had a unique ‘signature’. A signature is the number of days between a psychical experience and the coinciding event. Man-made tragedies result to a six-signature, whether accidentally or purposefully. Seven appears to be mystical and links indirectly to natural events forewarning of catastrophic happenings.

I missed the obvious for thinking predicted events must follow man-made protocols to fulfillment. The paranormal had divulged a plan. That plan was to explode a building on Sept 12. It was that straightforward, and the fact that the plan was altered to suit the perpetrators, or for whatever reasons, was incidental to its aims.

The focus now shifts to Pan Am 103 for learning similarities with the Condor tragedy in the way it was reported. Two explosions were revealed in the second ‘still’ and both coincided with initial media reports. Further, in both cases the paranormal revealed to my wrong perception. An explosion coming out the top correlates with where the explosive device was reported to be, namely in the cockpit. However, had the explosion occurred there, the resulting force would have been different than what I perceived. The paranormal had imaged the explosion just the way I would imagine for my limited knowledge of such things.

The Kurds claimed responsibility for the Condor flight bombing, a bombing that never occurred and the news media ran away with the story. The paranormal revealed to that claim and displayed it the way I would perceive the exploding force. I can see both stills today, as vividly now as I did back then. Both tragedies occurred after 7:00 PM (1920 hours and 1902 hours, respectively) and the impression was dusk based on the diminished light in the second ‘still’, but I am unable discern the darkness for those times.

Paranormal messaging often links to sensationalism. Consider the John F. Kennedy tragedy while he was flying his Piper Laurie Saratoga airplane in poor weather conditions. Because of poor visibility leading to vertigo, he lost control of the airplane and perished at sea along with his two passengers on 31 July 1999. Kennedy did not have a pilot instrument rating. As before, the tragedy occurred six days after my experiencing. The paranormal had echoed to sensational journalism when Kennedy was killed, but only in pointing to an aircraft tragedy to a proven signature. I do not mean to imply this is the way of the paranormal. Had the tragedy occurred to a less prominent individual the likelihood is the accident would not have been paranormally revealed.

What does it say about the paranormal? Undoubtedly, many things, but for my part I am pondering psychic echoes and, admittedly, I cannot go any further with it. Time will open more doors in the future and the promise is wondrous for what we can learn of the paranormal intrigue.


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