The Paranormal Objectified in a Perplexing Encounter

 P ETIT-GOAVE, Haiti – At least 290 people who set out clandestinely in a leaky sailboat with hopes of a better life in Florida are missing and                    feared drowned. 

Michael Norton, Associated Press, November 20, 1996.

Abstract:  Multiple predictive experiences in a single paranormal encounter usually occur in pairs.  The first prediction is normally straightforward and provides credibility for the second, which is usually cryptic and/or much more complicated. Such was the case when four predictive visions, all occurring within four days, were documented and mailed out in three letters.

The first experience was a bizarre boat incident. The second was a baffling vision of bands encircling the world. The third and fourth visions related to the boat incident, which was later predicted to happen to the day.  The boat incident became the last in a sequence of three predicted events referred to as a paranormal series. These episodes are now in the past, except for the chaotic bands vision which is still waiting out the future.

Three related predictions, characterized as a paranormal series, were fulfilled in a sequence of 19, 20 and 21 days from the dates of prediction. The explosion of TWA Flight 800 was the first in the sequence, a gas main rupture was second, and the sinking of a Haitian boat was third. TWA 800 exploded 17 July 1996 and the other two events followed within 44 and 73 days of one another.  I had expected the gas main rupture to occur 19 days after the date of experience, to coincide with TWA 800. (Gurzi, Aug-1996)  Instead the prediction materialized 20 days later, when a rupture occurred in a tunnel underneath WashingtonNationalAirport. A shuttle bus had struck the gas main. Why the airport did not go up in flames was described as miraculous in one media report.

Synchronicity would reveal that all three events shared something in common.  That was  “leak” to include fuel leak, gas (methane) leak and water leak. (Gurzi, Nov-1996) The Haitian boat with 290 persons onboard was known to be leaking before the voyage started. The assumption was made by the news media that it sank for that very reason. The paranormal revealed otherwise.

I believe that in the first vision I involuntarily terminated a scene of mangled bodies, because I could not handle what I was seeing. (October, 1996) If it was a leak that caused the boat to go down, why were the bodies mangled? The paranormal was revealing foul play. I began probing the paranormal immediately afterward to learn more, when the impression “shipwreck” resulted. At the same time, something took control of my thinking. A vision appeared of a single band encircling the world.  It was vertically oriented and tilted to the left at the top.  Then unexpectedly there were three bands instead of one, wobbling in and out of one another while encircling the earth.  In a single paranormal encounter I experienced two visions: one of mangled bodies and one of bands. Both were interleaved with the impression “shipwreck.”

Probing the paranormal works sometimes and fails at other times and can be deceptive. It is easy to go adrift searching for answers, but the fact is the effort is worthwhile when results are supportive. Probing of the boat experience the next day led to an impression the tragedy might occur within four or five days, but that turned out to be inaccurate.  Shortly thereafter I realized a paranormal series was becoming real in a sequence of 19, 20 and 21 days. The next day I probed again, prompting the next vision.

I found myself to be part of the vision again.  I was looking down upon the ocean floor. I could not see the floor because of its depth, but I knew the [boat] was there and gone. Two more days passed before I psychically experienced more of the Haitian boat tragedy in a fourth and final vision.  I was below deck in the hold of the boat and viewing tremendous quantities of waters pouring in on top of one another. I have been puzzled by this vision over the years, trying to imagine from where all the waters were coming. Not to underestimate the seriousness of any leak at sea, the billows of water seemed extreme and not that believable. Waters were coming in from everywhere, including the bottom of the hull.

Additional research only confirmed what I had suspected, that the pattern was not right.  Further, the sequence in which the visions appeared seemed to be wrong, adding to the quandary. It did not make sense.  First, seeing mangled bodies all bunched together. Second, seeing bands encircling the earth.  Third, searching from thousands of feet above for a boat that was not there.  Fourth, and two days later, I see myself in the hull of the boat observing the billowy effects of waters inundating the boat.

Synchronicity asserts that the first two visions share a relationship. This is worrisome. Mangled bodies revealed at one level are almost certain to unfold into something that is equivalent at the next level. I believe the dual experience warns the fate of the Haitians will reoccur on a much broader scale as a worldwide happening. It is now necessary to focus on the Haitian victims to try and understand what really happened then, for what seems inevitable in the future.

The mangled bodies were lifeless and it was clear from the way they lay on the deck that there had not been a struggle.  I believe the victims must have been murdered, but how and why?  Was it a reprisal for transporting drugs?  Had a devastating epidemic broke out onboard prompting authorities to take extreme measures to prevent the Haitians from reaching land? Whatever the cause of their demise, the paranormal highlighted the event with emphasis.

There is added significance to the boat tragedy/earth band visions, in that the four visions occurred within four days. I believe the Haitians met their death on the first day and the boat was made to sink on the fourth day. What happened, then, on the second and third days?

Recall that on the second day I had the vision of looking down from a point on high to the ocean floor below. I did not see the boat but I knew it was there. No doubt it was there, but where exactly? Was the boat where it should have been while navigating on course to Miami but now on the ocean floor? I do not believe so. I could not find the boat during the vision, because it was not where it was supposed to be. Possibly it was taken elsewhere and made to sink. This may have been done to ensure no finding of any evidence. The perpetrators were careful to leave nothing to chance.

I believe the water I viewed inundating the hull of the boat was the result of an intentionally caused explosion. Those responsible would not have bothered to take the boat elsewhere to sink it were it not for something crucial to hide. It is known that voyages are frequent from Haiti to Miami and the U.S. Coast Guard patrols the area for clandestine operations. Whoever, or whatever individual, group or agency was responsible, wanted to make certain nothing was found.  The exploding of a boat in frequented waters is likely to leave behind telltale signs of wreckage and bodies. Two days would have been enough time to get the boat far enough away from those waters to minimize any chance of evidence being found. That does not leave much to go on in determining the cause of death of 290 Haitians, or what the motive was, but the earth bands vision will reveal more.

The three earth bands were approximately twice the diameter of the globe and encircling it in full view. All three bands were very narrow and of equal width. I was part of the vision, watching myself observe it from a considerable distance away and witnessing the phenomenon in a crouched position. I felt no emotion whatsoever, as is usual in my psychic experiences. It is as if all events are mere commonplace.  It is only afterwards that I begin feeling emotion again, but the feelings come back very slowly.

I probed again and learned the balance of the bands was only made possible through alignment, wherein all bands must be made to appear as one.  The bands separating and going askew undoubtedly mean chaos. I believe it to be an extension of an earlier prediction dated 15 March 1988:  “Chaos and destruction – Widespread. Never have I experienced an impression with more force than this one.”  (Gurzi, 1990)

Synchronicity in dual psychic experience suggests two comparable happenings will occur. Whatever fate the 290 Haitians suffered can be expected to occur on a massive scale worldwide. Exactly what caused their deaths, and why, is not altogether clear.  However, what is clear is there was no bodily contact made leading to physical violence. The intimation is chemicals were used for the writhing. That could mean worldwide chemical warfare is inevitable in the near future.  A time of chaos.


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