UFOs Reconfigure and Appear to be Hostile

On the evening of 16 July 2006 at 1842 hours, I had a vision of eight letters appearing in the distant foreground and slowly and smoothly moving toward me. Passing overhead, they disappeared completely. The letters were S U R O K A D F .

I posted the above in Prophecies.us and asked for help decoding the letters. Angela Saarloos of Garretson, SD, posted D A R K – U F O S. (Angela Saarloos has her own website)

Exactly 114 days after the vision, and on 7 November 2006, a disc shape UFO appeared over O’Hare Airport in Chicago and after hovering disappeared. I choose to believe it was the Great Lakes, but that’s incidental.

However, approximately a week before the 114 days, a UFO appeared in a second vision and was dark and menacing. It was not disc shaped, as expected, but instead cylinder shaped and rounded out at both top and bottom in a 2 to 1 ratio, height to diameter.

It is baffling the UFO I saw was cylinder shaped, yet the actual sighting was disc shaped. There had to be a message in that. I believe the message is that technology defies natural laws by re-configuring from disc to cylinder and back again. It would seem disc shaped for multiverse travel; cylinder shaped for hovering.

More than four years have passed since the sighting, and I am no closer to an answer today than I was back then. I searched UFO files of past and present, but none fit the uniqueness of the 7 Nov 2006 encounter. There will be others, or at least one more. Otherwise the letters would have been UROKADF instead of SUROKADF. DARK UFO in the singular, instead of DARK UFOS in the plural. Moreover, the image of the UFO is as vivid in my mind today as it was back then, as expected. As dark as it was, I can still see the entity peering out at me – sophisticated robot or otherwise. We were at eye level with one another and it appeared to be standing on something, but what? I saw it from the waist up. Keep in mind my experiencing was remote viewing (RV), wherein I was at a place of strategic worth, and in such instances we  see much more than eyeball glances.  One need only reflect on Carl G. Jung’s collective unconscious to understand the importance of  mind over  senses. Scholars argue Akasha, but at the same time those that do are inclined to believe there is no tapping the Akashic Field. Time will demonstrate otherwise and with a much higher degree of certainty

My impression of the UFO mystery is they don’t sit, they stand. I saw nothing else inside, no furniture – no nothing. I stress we see and hear with our minds in these psychical experiences. The senses play no part while in the throes of collective unconscious experiencing. Usually, I am cognizant of where I am, and I am fully aware of myself observing a phenomenon. I feel nothing, absolutely nothing, and afterward the feelings are slow returning. However, in this experience I felt a foreboding that was emanating from within the craft – sinister and menacing.

My best guess is the appearance was a warning, and the dark UFO will be back – even after four years. Clearly there is a message – there has to be. It makes no sense otherwise. We are being told something.

Water pollution? It is my understanding the lakes are contaminated and very little is being done to correct a dangerous problem. I wonder if the same is true in Mexico, China and elsewhere. Are the sightings near water? It is a worthwhile thing to pursue.

Another individual on the forum had pointed out the 114 days between SUROKADF and the arrival of the dark UFO coincide numerically with suras in the Koran. Inasmuch as in-between numbers have always been meaningful, this could be significant.  If so, it is reasonable to assume they do not like us;
but who are they exactly? Is it generally true or just the one I encountered.



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May 14, 2013 · 5:49 pm

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