Predictive Air Terrorism Experiences of 1987 and 1988

(The following was published in the Journal of Religion and Psychical Research in July 1998 and is the first of many articles to explore the anomalous theme of aircraft mishaps. Most were airlines.  Some of the posts to follow are an update. No attempt is made to correct the material presented below, errors or otherwise. The premise is straightforward. There need not be such mishaps, but in order to realize this in our reality we must first accept the mystic paranormal as a governing agent that works in our behalf)

Predictive Air Terrorism Experiences of 1987 and 1988

ABSTRACT:  Five personal encounters with the paranormal foretold of six acts of terrorism on aircraft in the late 1980s. They appear to be far reaching and revealing themes and are engaging for contemplating the many levels of meaning.

The predictions were made in a time frame of nine months, and all have subsequently materialized over a period of 21 months. Intriguing is the interplay of the predictive experiences; but what is most fetching is the uniqueness of each.  Standing on its own, each offers at least one distinctively different element, aside from the prediction itself, and correlates with all the others in the commonality of air terrorism. The first was a prediction to a place, the second was to a date, and the third was to the national effect and included a date.  Most absorbing was the fourth experience compounding in the tragedy of Pan Am Flight 103.  Cryptically revealed was the foretelling of the aircraft type, the geographical area of the tragedy, and the designated time frame in what is described as the year cycle.   The fifth and sixth predictive experiences derive from a single paranormal encounter and share a unique and common bond.


Six predictive experiences challenge our thinking along many lines in the forewarning of terrorist attacks on aircraft.  The foretelling is not altogether the depiction of events but includes, among other things, the belief that in depth understanding of the hermetic paranormal is far more within our grasp than currently imagined.

For the purpose of this writing, a paranormal encounter is defined as an extraordinary mindful event of one or more psychical experiences.  Experiences are mostly predictive in the utilization of (1) visions, (2) impressions, (3) synchronicity, (4)  symbolism, (5) audibles (6) urgings (7) dreams and (8) probings.  For the most part, these are self explanatory and occur naturally, as well as in subtle and stark ways..  All of the experiences described, herein, were predictive in the framework of (1) through (4) and (8).  Dreams (7) have been tenuous in my experiences for predicting the future but have been informative on current happenings.  Probings (8) enquire selectively of the paranormal to learn more about subject matter.  Whether or not these are “unconscious pickings” of what was missed in an encounter is yet to be learned and understood.

Visions are by far the more interesting, not only for their content but for the way they occur in so many varieties.  They appear in static and dynamic (animated) forms and are as timeless in a moment’s happening, as they are appear to be stretching in time. I am often part part of a vision at some distance above ground, and in one instance below ground, observing happenings. Although I do not see myself in the vision, I know it is me.  These are the more credible kinds for becoming real in the future, and usually near term. Visions have appeared with my eyes open and closed, and more often projected in mid air and even on walls (rare).  I believe it was in my first vision nearly 50 years ago, that it was actually moving from right to left (even rarer), but within a dimensionally bound raster. Visions appear as unclear in subtle black and white tones, as they do in intensely stark graphical depictions. However, it would not be true to say the latter offer the most meaning.  There appear to be no rules. Symbolism is not rare and welcome for the challenge now, although, admittedly, the paranormal can be playful.  For example, in one of the more notable visions the letters AU JOST[i] appeared with a ball bouncing back and forth across the tops of the letters, much like an umlaut in the same rhythmic cadence.  It seemed capricious!  I was working with an investigator then, assigned to the task force for tracking down a serial killer in MarinCounty.  A bi-linguist assisted in the cryptic decoding and said it was “Old German” and meant “Hearken!  Pay attention to that name;” but it was synchronicity that provided the format for piecing the name in a three’s scheme. The identifying letters were in a format consistent with the killer’s. The discovery was made in retrospect, six months, or more, following the predictive experience.

For convenience, paranormal is used as both noun and adjective throughout the text, and “experience” is regarded the same as “predictive experience.”  The latter is used for emphasis only, and this also applies to “encounter” and “paranormal encounter.”

The six predictions leading to tragedies in the skies is a funereal theme and begins with the mass murder/suicide on board PSA Flight 1771.  That was 7 December 1987, five days following my experience of it.  The second episode occurred in the same time frame and foretold in visual realness and stark symbolism that this predictive experience, as well as the next two, would be ignored.  I believed these to be the bombing of the West German charter flight near Izmir, Turkey; the missiling of Iranian Airbus Flight 655 by the USS Vincennes; and the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

The  fifth and sixth experiences were unprecedented. These two episodes were the outcome of a single paranormal encounter, and each was as unique as all the others.  They were to become the bombings of President Zia’s aircraft in Pakistan and French UTA Flight 772 over Niger, Africa, a year later in the year cycle.

All six experiences forewarned of terrorist attacks on aircraft that would occur from December 1987 through September 1989, and there were none other after that.   All of the predictions were accurate.  There were no misses.  All attacks were fatal and presumably shared in the main motive of hatred. Clues within the individual experiences, and collectively in their overall interplay, warn the relationship among subsequent events may have been closer and more significant than I currently know and understand. The clues were not without their subtlety, particularly in realms of synchronicity.  Synchronicity not only pieced the future in a time frame of the year cycle but was evidentiary for affirming events.

It is thought provoking that changes seem to come about in synchronicity for having had made observations leading to awareness. For example, the occurrence of nines’ in earlier paranormal episodes is no longer as frequent and consistent in my encounters. Nine was the number of days between a predictive experience and the fulfillment thereof, and is prompting of  a question. Is this not consistent with the paranormal for being so elusive?

The first section of this writing provides an overview of the predictive experiences and the circumstances surrounding their materialization.  The second section theorizes on the intervention of events, analyzed for the subtle interplay among the predictions. This is significant in my mind for learning more about the workings of the paranormal and how we may better understand the mystery.

First Predicted Event: Deliberate Crashing of PSA Flight 1771

This was the first encounter with the paranormal and the occurrence was on 2 December 1987,  when I found myself viewing airline wreckage.  I probed for more and got “NC1333,” or possibly “NC13333.” It was an impression that translated visually in my mind. I documented the experience the same day and sent copies to several people. To gain the utmost in credibility, I always tried to include individuals and groups unknown to me in the documentary effort. 

The experience of the PSA Flight 1771 crash was documented as follows :

. . . . Soon, very soon, something is going to happen in Danville which will break into the news.  I try to get closer to it and attempt to learn exactly what it is.  Ski Mask rapist, another serial killing?  And then in my mind a devastating site.   Burned remains of wreckage spread out all over.  There was intense burning.  I try to get closer to it and I get “NC,”  but I place little credence in it because it is an impression and I am pressing hard – too hard.  There is 1333 or 13,333 and now I know I am lost…I think the reality of it is this.  Something will happen in Danville and it will make the news.  It could be as described, but likely is synchronicity (i.e., the mutual attraction of related events).  The wreckage and the notions put forth concerning it, point to an air disaster.  I don’t think so, however.  It is too easy to fall into that trap.  It has to be something else.  (Letter  to Readers, 2 December 1987 ).

Five days later on 7 December 1987, an assailant on board PSA flight 1771 en route to San Francisco via Los Angeles, shot and killed the pilot, copilot, and one other person on board before taking control of the aircraft.  He then managed to plunge the aircraft to the ground at a point approximately 160 miles south of Danville, California.  All 43 persons on board were killed. I am not altogether sure why I second guessed the prediction, but it could have stemmed from the fear of being wrong.

Following the actual PSA plane crash, I telephoned the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in San Jose, CA, and became acquainted with an agent to whom I described the experience.  He seemed interested and informed me the letters “NC” had once prefixed all U.S. aircraft license numbers,  but that system is since obsolete and only an “N” prefix is used.  He got back to me later and said there were no commercial aircraft with licenses N1333, or for that matter, N13333.  This alphanumeric combination still remains a mystery despite my scrutiny.  Perhaps it was catalytic for getting things started through the FAA.  Alternatively, maybe the FAA was to be the means for intervention, and the paranormal was revealing more about itself.

Second Predicted Event: Bombing of Condor Airlines, West German Flight (WG Flight)

The second and most intense prediction within the series came 29 December 1987. It was a vision that appeared in the likeness of two sequential film “stills.” The first still needs no explanation other than what is given below in the account. The second still was of two explosions, one right after the other.  I saw nothing of a sequence but was made to feel it. I immediately documented the account in a letter and mailed it to the same FAA agent that morning.  The account was as follows:

I saw another one.  I should telephone you, but would rather not.  The aircraft was in the sky.  There was an explosion coming out the top, followed immediately by a second one, which was much bigger than the first.   

Prior to it (the explosions) I kept seeing a 747, like the thing was in my face.  I think it was a 747 because as you look at it head on, the upper part of the fuselage (canopy) is trapezoidal.  The lower might be bullet shaped and imposing.   

From my position, the aircraft was flying west from north of here.  It was sunny. 

 I tried to get as much information as I possibly could (probing).  I thought of Flight 1771 and, of  course knew what that was.  Flt 431, 1721 and twice (then and later) 803. Date:  January 1st or 2nd.  The latter seems more likely??  I also got the skies of united, but I am not sure how much stock to place in that.  Like I indicated, I wanted to get as much information as possible. 

This experience was most unusual.  It happened shortly after 5:20 AM.  I was awake then, as I had been all night.  I had been awake over five hours and it seemed like one hour.  I do not remember anything like that before.’ 

Still feeling anxious that morning I telephoned anyway. I quoted the letter verbatim and gave additional details.  The first and smaller of the two explosions had come out the top, near the mid-section of the aircraft.  The second explosion came out of the top, also, but was much nearer to the front of the aircraft.  This will take on more meaning in the demise of Pan Am 103 a year later.

On the predicted date of 2 January 1988, four days after the paranormal encounter, a bomb exploded on board a Condor WG jetliner as the aircraft approached the Aegean coast of Turkey in preparation to land in Izmir.  All 16 passengers and crew members on board were killed.

Upon learning the airliner was a Boeing 737 and not a Boeing 747, I went to the airport to see what a 737 looked like.  It turns out, the canopy of a 737 and not a 747 is trapezoidal in shape.  However, the nose cone of a 747 is longer and more imposing. I realized what had appeared in the experience as a single aircraft, had actually been a composite of two:  both a 737 and a 747.  I could only guess a bombing of a 747 was to follow, but when?

Third Predicted Event:  Attack on Iranian Airbus Flight 655

Something will stun the nation into silence.  It is likely to happen June or July this coming year. (Letter to Central Premonitions Registry and others, 23 December 1987) 

This paranormal encounter occurred during the day when I began preparing material for “Season’s Predictions.  It was one of four predictions I mailed to “Readers” foretelling events of  the coming year.  I began by focusing on the year and probed experientially.  An impression originated that was not much different from any thought:  Something will stun the nation into silence. I probed the paranormal for a date afterward and got July 3.

It was pinpointed in my mind now, but as with the prior predictive experience of the PSA plane crash near Danville, I became confused and tried to play it safe.  I decided to tread cautiously by expanding the predicted time frame to include June and July and described it that way in “Season’s Predictions.”  It was a dreadful mistake.           

What followed six months later on 3 July 1988 was the downing of an Iranian A-300 Airbus by the cruiser USS Vincennes.  Two missiles were launched against the passenger aircraft killing all 290 persons on board.  Later, it would be revealed that the Vincennes had shot down the airbus over Iranian territorial waters.  Figuratively speaking, our nation should have been stunned into silence, but the incident was downplayed nationwide. However, over the years the horror became disquieting for the bits and pieces leaking out through the media. As reported by the press, crewmembers aboard the Vincennes testified that the skipper had acted irresponsibly.

President Reagan failed to issue an apology to Iran (San Jose Mercury News, 7 July 1988).  This was to have serious repercussions leading to the fatal bombing of Pan Am 103 six months later.  The taking of 52 hostages by Iran in November 1979, and holding them captive for over a year, was still an emotional issue clouding the air in Washington.  A simple apology might have made the difference of 290 lives lost, but that was not to be.  The incredible interplay.

Fourth Predicted Event:  Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 

On the morning of 21 December 1988 at five o’clock, Pacific Standard Time, came the fourth aircraft experience in another paranormal encounter.  The vision was fleeting and hardly believable in the account described below:

I was a part of the vision looking far down on the wreckage left in the aftermath of a large airliner crash.  Off to the side, a large portion of the plane appeared isolated from the rest of the wreckage.  It appeared to be an engine, or an engine cowling.

What followed just five hours later was the 21 December bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.   The Boeing 747 carrying 259 people crashed into the Scottish village of Lockerbie.  All passengers and crew members on board were killed, together with eleven residents of Lockerbie, totaling 270 dead.   The bomb had exploded in the cockpit of  the jumbo jetliner that was en route from HeathrowAirport in London, to KennedyAirport in New York.  Later it was determined that a radio-cassette player was rigged as a bomb and planted on board in the cockpit.  Two Libyan intelligence officers are allegedly responsible for the bombing, reportedly carried out in retaliation for the missile downing of Iranian Flight 655 six months earlier.

I was faced with the realization the Pan Am bombing had been symbolically revealed one year earlier within the Condor WG flight bombing experience.  The subtle message was, it is too late!  Up to five hours before the actual bombing of Flight 103, something could have been done to prevent the tragedy.  Once the aftermath of the crash was seen in a vision, it was too late.

The second explosion was as witnessed in the vision a year earlier. It was larger than the first and forward on the aircraft and corresponds with what was learned of Pan Am 103.  The correlation reveals more of the incredible interplay and is affirming in the year cycle.

Fifth and Sixth Predicted EventsZia /UTA Flight 772 Bombings, Two Predictive Experiences in a Single Paranormal Encounter. 

On 9 August 1988, I wrote a letter to a “Reader” who was both author and theoretical physicist, challenging his support of the uncertainty principle[ii]. I included documentation of past predictive experiences that had materialized.  I included one new prediction as well, which ironically would later materialize as two separate events.  The following is an excerpt from that letter:

In my experience events can be predicted and maybe even altered.  The prediction of a ‘Flight over Tunis’ is anticipated to be such an example.  Simply stated, the prediction is that a flight over Tunis shall blow up in the air.  The particulars are: 

1.  March 3rd!

2.  Luggage on board in Cairo

3.  Angelo!  Code name angel!  Angel! 

On 17 August 1988, eight days after the prediction was documented and mailed, a C-130 four engine cargo aircraft blew up in the air shortly after take off from Pakistan.  All 30 persons on board were killed.  Pakistanian President Mohammed Zia ul-Haq and American Ambassador Arnold Raphel were among the victims.

Raphel, the surname of the American Ambassador, is derived from the biblical Archangel Raphael.  If relevant, (3) of the prediction reveals Raphel, and not Zia, could have been the primary target.

“Luggage on board in Cairo” is another cryptic message to work out.  Is luggage symbolic for bomb?  Could the bomb have been planted on the airplane prior to a return flight from Cairo?  There are any number of possibilities, but what of (1) March 3rd?

Ironically, a news article appearing in the San Jose Mercury dated 3 March 1990, revealed that Ex-KGB agent, Victor Sheymov, suspects the Soviets in Zia’s fatal crash. He stated he believes — but cannot prove –the KGB was catalyst for the crash and was likely carried out by foreign nationals. This was the first news to bear any relevance since the bombing occurred 17 August 1988, but is troubling for not affirming in the year cycle. Is this more of the same paranormal elusiveness for the 80 weeks elapsing between the predictive experience and the March 3rd event?  Was there telltale for having made the observation and, correspondingly, a change?  Given that, and with items (1) through (3) of the prediction presumably connected to the incident of Zia’s aircraft, how does the city of Tunis fit in the scheme?

In the year cycle, 13 months after the bombing of Zia’s aircraft, a bomb exploded on board French UTA Flight 772 while in flight over south central Niger.  All 171 passengers and crew members on board were killed.  The aircraft had just made a stop over in N’Djamena, Chad, and was en route to Paris via Marseille, France.  Tunis was likely in the aircraft’s scheduled flight path.  Here an important distinction must be made.   The prediction was “a flight over Tunis shall blow up in the air,”  and not “a flight shall blow up in the air over Tunis.”

Section II – Intervention Analysis

The nine months’ series of predictive experiences provided enough information to establish credibility.  Was there enough information relayed through the paranormal to allow for the prevention of predicted events?  Further interpretation of each encounter seems to indicate events experienced while in progress or in aftermath cannot be prevented.  On the other hand, those experiences which allude to events without actually revealing their occurrence are more likely candidates for leading to prevention.  The following sheds additional light on this by taking each of the encounters separately with the focus on whether or not events could have been altered.

PSA Flight 1771:  The series of predicted events began to materialize with the crash of PSA flight 1771.  Within this experience the (1) when, (2) what, and (3) where  were given in sequence:

(1)  Soon, very soon

(2)  An air disaster

(3)  Will happen in Danville

There was enough information conveyed through the experience to establish its credibility, but not enough to have prevented the predicted event from materializing.  In this case, I believe paranormal warnings lay beyond the actual PSA crash.  The PSA crash was psychically experienced in its aftermath.  It was all over.  Nothing could be done to stop it.  Paranormal warnings must have been relayed for a reason other than prevention. NC1333(3) could possibly be the reason.  As already mentioned, this configuration was not psychically visualized as a part of the PSA crash remains.  It was more like a message delivered through aircraft remains or beyond the predicted event.  The visualization arose out of an impression and translated into visual meaning.  The confusion of three, or four 3’s, may have resulted because of their repetition.

Condor Airlines, WG Flight:  The second predictive experience, the bombing of a Condor Airlines West German flight, relayed the (1) what, (2) where, and (3) when of the event that followed:

(1)  The aircraft was in the sky . . . . an explosion coming out of the top, followed  immediately by a second one which was much bigger than the first.      

(2)  west from north of here

(3)  January 1st or 2nd.  The latter seems more likely . . . . 

Two explosions (1) were paranormally seen, but reportedly only one actually occurred on board the Condor WG 737 aircraft.  This indicates explosions on board two different aircraft had been predictively experienced. Thus, the meaning behind the message “skies of united.”  Two aircraft attacks united within one paranormal encounter and perhaps connected in other ways as well.           

The duality of the experience revealed that an explosion on board a 737 was first to materialize.  This was the Condor WG flight bombing, the smaller of the two explosions in both the predictive experience and real life.  The location of the Condor Airliner crash was revealed as the reference point (2) relating to the future (Pan Am 103).  In west from north of here; ‘here,’  referred to the geographical location of that 737 crash site near Izmir, and not where I was at the time.  My insignificance was being preserved.

The date the bombing crash would occur was specified accurately in (3).  This also revealed the approximate time frame in which the future bombing of a DC 747 would occur.  In past predictive experiences, where more than one event emerged from a single experience, the predicted events always materialized within a year of one another; that is, in the year cycle.

There were not enough clues in the Condor WG flight experience to have allowed for translation of  all necessary details in order to prevent the bombing.  However, there may have been enough clues relayed to have roughly approximated the time and place of  the Pan Am 103 bombing.

Iranian Flight 655:  This was the one prediction in the series that did not specify the nature of the actual event. It appears the event was not visually revealed by the paranormal because it had  not yet been destined to happen.  Time for interpretive intervention expired six months following the prediction, when the U.S. Navy cruiser Vincennes fired upon an Iranian airbus killing all persons.  At this point in time the wheels of fate began to turn in sealing the destiny of Pan Am Flight 103.  It was to be the target for retaliation in the next terrorist bombing.

Pan Am Flight 103: The Pan Am 103 retaliatory bombing occurred six months after the attack on the Iranian airbus.  Five hours prior to the Pan Am bombing, the fate of the aircraft was paranormally revealed and sealed.

There were many clues within the Condor, West German flight experience which reference specifics regarding Pan Am Flight 103.  As before, the specifics are the (1) what, (2) when  and (3) where,  as follows:

(1)  a Boeing DC 747 to blow up in the sky (composite vision).

(2)   the year cycle established from past similar experiences.

(3)   a geographical vector west from north  of Izmir, localizes to less than

five percent of the earth’s surface to include the United Kingdom.

The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 was alluded to just 12 days short of a full year in the year cycle. These warnings were overlooked and consequently Pan Am Flight 103 revealed itself visually in a demolished state of aftermath. The bombing could not be stopped.  It was too late.  The prediction materialized just five hours later.  Presumably at 5:00 AM PST (2:00 PM Greenwich time),  the time of  the vision, a bomb had already been planted.

Zia Aircraft and UTA Flight 772.  I documented the fifth and sixth experiences of the series on 9 August 1988. Eight days later on the 17th of August Zia and Raphel were among the victims of a private aircraft bombing.  The airplane blew up shortly after takeoff from Pakistan.  Then, on 19 September 1989, UTA Flight 772 en route to Paris after a stopover in N’Djamena, Chad, was bombed in the air shortly after takeoff.  Again, approximately one year separated the materialization of two events within a single paranormal encounter.

Many questions remain unanswered in reference to the interplay among individual experiences, especially in regard to the WG Condor Airliner and Pan Am Flight 103, and the two predictive experiences described in the Zia Aircraft and French UTA Flight 772.   In both cases, two events revealed together emphasized a direct relationship between them.  Perhaps the correlation goes deeper than that.  It is mentioned again, that the reason for calling the latter of the two encounters separate experiences is because they bear no relationship to one another.  They were two distinct and unrelated events. Additionally, it is interesting that all aircraft[iii] in the scenario of six predictions were different for being doomed.

The final question in reference to the series of aircraft predictions:  why? If the purpose was not to allow for  prevention of the violent terrorist acts, why were warnings delivered at all?  The reason must lie beyond the scope of the six predicted happenings.  There may be meaning much broader in scope than we currently imagine.

Why continue to warn?  Have such warnings always been there?  These are good questions, but the answers are not easy to come by and earmark the future.  I believe the most important question now is this:  If warnings are unheeded, will they continue?  I think so!

[i] Trailside Killings document relating to the serial killer Joseph David Carpenter and distributed widely to police departments in the San FranciscoBay area in the middle 1980’s.  It was not greeted warmly.

[ii] Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is described as a fundamental, inescapable property of the world, that events cannot be predicted.  Most physicists embracing the quantum hold rigorously to this.  Others introduce possible exceptions to the rule in the broadest sense. The principle is that one can never be exactly sure of both the position and velocity of a particle; the more accurately one is known, the less accurately the other is known.  We are bound by the speed in light in any measurement process, barring anything inferential relating to quantum physics.

[iii] Each of the six aircraft designs was as follows:  Flight 1771:  Boeing Bae-146; West German flight:  Boeing 737; Pan Am Flight 103:  Boeing 747; Flight 655:  European Airbus, A300; President Zia’s aircraft:  C-130; French Airline UTA:  DC 10.


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