The Crashing of Swissair Flight 111 on September 2, 1998

( “The Crashing of Swissair Flight 111 on September 2, 1998”  was published in the Journal of  Religion and Psychical Research in October 1999)

On 27 August 1998 I e-mailed John Beloff, editor of the Society of Psychical Research in London, and described a psychical experience I had that day.  It was an “interruptive” experience, meaning that normal thought process was interrupted for paranormal messaging. The message was, “Indications are that an aircraft will be shot down.” Six days later Swissair Flight 111 crashed into the ocean off  Nova Scotia, killing all 227 persons on board. The cause of the tragedy is still under investigation.

It appears that the prediction of Swissair Flight 111 was affirmed by three actual events in which the number six linked each event to the prediction.  In my mind the flight was shot down, as stated in the prediction, although this has yet to be confirmed by Canadian investigators.

The first appearance of the number six (6) occurred psychically to me before the crash in the form of six (6) letters. These were B R A I T S or B R A I T T.  As it turns out, the latter fits within the name of Lt. Col. Brian Akitt, in charge of Canadian Rescue Operations. Six alphabetic characters share sequentially but not altogether contiguously in the first and last names, as illustrated below:

1    2   3   4   5      6   7   8   9  10

B   R   I   A   N      A   K   I   T   T

B   R       A                          I   T   T

The second and third appearances of six (6) occurred within the actual event.  As reported by the news media, the aircraft’s power system failed six (6) minutes before the crash. This rendered the jet aircraft helpless and subjected passengers and crew to the terror of darkness.  Lastly, wreckage was spewed over a six (6) mile radius as reported by the Canadian news media.  Three distinct and related events had occurred before, during and after in the demise of Flight 111.  Coincidence, or synchronicity?

Synchronicity appears to affirm psychical experience, in that it pin points the day on which a predicted event will occur.  The number of days between the experience and the event appears to be significant in establishing the synchronicity pattern.  Each encounter with the paranormal ushers in a different numerical pattern. For example, in the paranormal series relating to TWA Flight 800, a series of events were predicted to happen in 19, 20 and 21days, forming the significant pattern.  All three events shared leak in common. (See Note) These were fuel leak, gas main (line) leak and water leak.  (See Paranormal Series Document, first described in my letter to Professor David Jacobs on 28 November 1996, four months after TWA Flight 800 exploded and before fuel leak had been firmly established as causal.)

Because the prediction relating to Flight 800 was worded as “a major natural disaster,” and a fuel leak can only result from a mechanical failure, the cause of the explosion was most likely electrostatic discharge (ESD), a natural phenomena.  An ESD potential most likely built up in proximity of the leak in the center fuel tank.  Build up was in proportion to the extreme pressure of fuel being transferred from one wing tank to the other for balancing loads during the climbing phase of the jet. (This is still  to be accepted as conclusive by investigators)  Transfer occurs through the center fuel tank, which was known to have less than 50 gallons of residual fuel and, thereby, rendering it an exploding bomb when electrostatic discharge resulted.

The Canadian investigation may find the Swissair Flight 111 aircraft to have been shot before or after take off.  Gun shots to the fuselage from below would not have been heard at the time because of jet engine noise.  Bullets entering the body of the aircraft and damaging vitals might  not have had an immediate effect, but could have caused the downing of the aircraft at a later and more critical time.

A final thought on psychical experience in general.  I have learned that on the day of the Flight 111 prediction there was an extraordinary cosmic blast from a so-called magnetar 23,000 light years away.  The tremendous release of electromagnetic energy in space is thought provoking.  One must consider whether  such energy is simply lost or actually transformed from one living system into another.  It reduces to a simple question:  Could such energy be catalytic to psychical experience, thus defining the paranormal as an energy form – a living energy form?

Note: TWA Flight 800 – 17 July 1996 – jumbo jet explodes – fuel leak – 230 killed – 19 days after predictive experience.

Washington National Airport – 30 August 1996 – gas main ruptured – methane gas leak – airport evacuated – no fatalities – 20 days after predictive experience.

Haitian boat bound for Miami – 11 November 1996 – boat sinks –  water leak  – 290 drown – 21 days after predictive experience.


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