More on the Baffling Swissair Flight 111 Tragedy

(“The Crashing of SwissAir Flight 111 on September 2, 1998, was published in the  Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, Vol 22, Number 4. October 1999. Later, the name was changed to Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies.)

The mystery of Flight 111 is far more reaching than most because of (1) selective experiencing, (2) recurrences of sixes and (3) a name, as it turns out, that links with the investigation.

Selective experiencing produced six letters that fit the paranormal messaging of August 27. The letters appeared two days later on August 29, and four days before Flight 111 crashed into the ocean. The first message on August 27 was “Indications are that an aircraft will be shot down.”  Flight mishaps were occurring six days after experiencing, therefore, Flight 111 was believed to be the aircraft alluded to.  Moreover, the six alphabetic characters that appeared two days later are affirming of the fact in an incredible probability. I mention that ‘spared flights’ were occurring in four days until somewhat recently when the paradigm shifted from 6’s /4’s to 19’s /9’s. The astonishing paranormal is as dynamic as it is unique. Had the flight survived, the experience would have occurred  two days earlier. Flight 111 was a breath away from surviving, when the co-pilot was ignored when he suggested heading to the nearest airport and dumping fuel.

QUOTE: The first appearance of the number six (6) occurred psychically to me four days before the crash in the form of six (6) letters. These were B R A I T S or B R A I T T.  As it turns out, the latter fits within the name of Lt. Col. Brian Akitt, in charge of Canadian Rescue Operations. Six alphabetic characters share sequentially but not altogether contiguously in the first and last names, as illustrated below.  Defying “Intervention Paradox,” a more elaborate communications network, worldwide, might have been instrumental in averting the tragic outcome of Swissair on the basis that “Six warns!” [There is also the 6’s/4’paradigm operative at the time.]




END QUOTE.  (Underscores were used to maintain alignment).

I emphasize the letters appeared to me before the flight and subsequent crash. Further, Lt. Col. Brian Akitt was put in charge of investigations only afterwards. There was no way of knowing before. It could have been any flight in any part of the world. Selective experiencing came into play August 29, two days after the exploding magnetar (neutron star). Assuming a connection, when did the energy cease? As mentioned in an earlier posting, paranormal messaging could be ‘collective echoing’. That refers to the collective unconscious for echoing the past, present and future with time in a void.

The appearance of sixes is of some Biblical significance, also, which is something I only want to mention in passing. The Mark of the Beast, mentioned in Revelations is 666, coincides with before, during and after the crash. This is borne out in the following quote:

QUOTE: The second appearance of six (6) occurred during the actual event.  As reported by the news media, the aircraft’s power system failed six (6) minutes before the crash. This rendered the jet aircraft helpless and subjected passengers and crew to the terror of darkness.

The third appearance of six (6) occurred after the event.  Wreckage was spewed over a six (6) mile radius after the crash, as reported by the Canadian news media.  Three distinct and related events had occurred before, during and after in the demise of Flight 111. All shared in the commonality of a number, coinciding with the exact number of days between the prediction and the event.  Coincidence, or synchronicity?  END QUOTE.

Reference article appearing in the Los Angeles Times on 30 September 1998. 

Scientists Trace Cosmic Blast to Unusual Star Astronomy: Powerful burst from so called magnetar affected Earth’s upper atmosphere last month, researchers believe.


By K.C. Cole

Times Science Writer.

An intense blast from a bizarre new species of star electrified Earth’s upper atmosphere last month, marking the first time astronomers have tracked a local disturbance to a distant sun.

Although the radiation didn’t reach the Earth’s surface, it did knock out several orbiting satellites and registered off the scale of the radiation detectors of at least five others, NASA announced Tuesday at a NASA press briefing. Produced by a massive “starquake” on a so called magnetar 23,000 light years from Earth, the blast was powered by a magnetic field 100 times stronger than any previously known in the universe and billions of times stronger than any on Earth, researchers believe.

The August 27 burst wasn’t announced until Tuesday, astronomers said, because it took them almost a month to figure out exactly what they were seeing, according to UC Berkeley’s Kevin Hurley. “I had never seen anything like it,” he said.

After the initial blast, the star “rang” in X-rays for several minutes, producing an “unheard of” tone, Hurley said.

If confirmed, the discovery adds a new category of object to the already bizarre collection in the skies. Magnetars flare up for a brief (in astronomical terms) 10,000 to 40,000 years before running out of steam.

“It’s magnificent while it’s alive, but it dies quickly,” said Caltech graduate student Joshua Bloom, who studied the radio afterglow of the outburst with the National Foundation’s Very Large Array Telescope. He works with Caltech astrophysicist Shri Kulkarni.


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