Different Time Zones are Paranormally Ignored on Quake Predictions

The note given below was published in the “Experiences” section of the Paranormal Review (PR), April 2001. The PR is affiliated with the Society for Psychical Research in London, who approximately a week before the happenings, was the first to receive my quakes predictions and record them.

It is not easy to believe that two sequential quakes were predicted to occur in different regions of the world to the exact time in minutes; separated in time by the exact number of minutes. I experienced both remotely, 10 days earlier in real time and was awake the entire 86 minutes. They occurred in different time zones, registered by the NEIC to GMT/UTC clock settings. Those times coincided with the settings of my digital clock, which were two minutes off from local time, thus demonstrating how personal the paranormal can be. It can do anything it pleases.



ON DECEMBER 3rd 2000, I experienced two “visuals”, one at 4:44 am and the other at 6:10 am, both as indicated on the clock at
my California address. The two events were similar in that on each occasion, my ordinary thought process was interrupted and I was
observing myself in an unfamiliar room where the floor and furnishings were shaking – to a lesser degree in the second case.
But the movement was seen, not felt, paralleling the sort of static “movement without motion” described in my letter about
(discarnate ageing in Paranormal Review No. 15 (p.15).  {Note the difference in the spelling of “ageing” in the UK versus “aging” in America.)

My conviction was that the two earthquakes would occur somewhere in the world within the following 14 days, separated by the
same time difference of exactly 86 minutes. So I immediately set out what had happened in a letter to the Editor of the SPR Journal and posted it on the same day, adjusting the above times by two minutes to accommodate a clock error against GMT [This letter was duly received before Dec 13 – Ed.].

Two quakes neatly satisfying the predicted gap requirement were recorded on December 13th by the US Geological Survey. They involved different tectonic plate regions in Kazakhstan and the Bismarck Sea, and reached respective levels of 4.9 and 5.6 at UTC times of 4:44 and 6:10, plus some 20 seconds in each case. (See NOTE below)

Thus despite my 2-minute clock error and the difference between local time and the GMT/UTC figures recorded by USGS, the quakes coincided with my actual clock readings (apart from the seconds component, which my timepiece didn’t provide) and were therefore separated by exactly 86

So the paranormal had made it easy for me by anticipating everything, even where I would be looking for the data and how that
data would be reported. This made it possible to understand what would have otherwise remained obscure, as data could not have been assimilated for the different time zones. It’s uncanny, demonstrating a very personal piece of clairvoyance. Also, although
statistics are limiting in relation to paranormal understanding, the probability of random sampling to the minute for two quakes separated by a specified time within a span of 14 days is vanishingly small.

Assuming, then, that my “visuals” and the earthquakes were indeed related, what can be learned? A big question is what and
where is the room I was in during the two events? And how could I be witnessing future quakes in different geographical areas in the same room? If anything, the experience suggests that OBE’s may be nothing more than an expanded state of awareness. But it goes beyond that. The word “dislocation” comes to mind.




The Current Time: Wednesday, 2000 December 13 22:33 UTC

Near Real Time Earthquake List

USGS NEIC Golden, Colorado

Updated as of Wed Dec 13 22:08:06 GMT 2000.


yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss   deg.   deg.     km

00/12/13 04:44:24  48.00N  85.96E  58.2 4.9Mb B  KAZAKHSTAN-XINJIANG

00/12/13 06:10:22   3.12S 148.41E  33.0 5.6Ms C  BISMARCK SEA


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