Colour! A Predictive Force of Visions

The following two part quake prediction was first posted on in the days indicated. The material is condensed with only the particulars given.  This post refers to the devastating China quake April 20, 2013 (April 19 Pacific Time). Initial estimates were 124 dead, 2600 injured.

 Superfluous material has been discarded but is accessible through “Mysteries” thread, subtitled “Mystery of Numeric Shifting Paradigms, Paranormally Related.  Some minor modifications were made for the sake of clarity.

The emphasis of this post is on the utilization of colour as a force for predicting earthquakes to a greater accuracy.

Re: Q U A K E

by arsenicf » Mar 23rd, ’13, 12:03

It was one word, “QUAKE,” and I heard it last night. That was Friday March 22. Actually I didn’t really hear it, the five letters were simply there, imaged in my conscious mind. That’s all. Just those five letters, Q U A K E.

I tried probing, but in the past, probing has been fraught with conscious thorns. I tried anyway, but not before recognizing a hint of yellow surrounding the letters. An aura of unusually looking yellow.

Asia? China? Maybe.

Re: Q U A K E

by arsenicf » Apr 20th, ’13, 14:07 

If the above reference to China was a glimpse of the future, then my thoughts become many quakes for understanding the meaning of “Q U A K E.” The above fits the devastating 6.9 quake to hit China yesterday, 29 days after experiencing (28 days if I missed on Time Zone). I have no signature for China.

This is not the first time “colour” has added meaning to paranormal messaging. The fact of (1.) Q U A K E , (2) Yellow for the Yellow Race and (3) China appear to factor out the two Iran quakes that resulted before. Thus, the signature of 14 remains viable for Iran, and owing to carelessness on my part I cannot affix the exact number for China. The signature is either 28 or 29.



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