9/11 Foretold Early

(Published initially as “9-11 Warning” in the Journal of Religion and Psychical Research in July 2006, Vol 29, Number 3)

“Another building explodes” and ” India is agitated” is what I emailed to Zofia Weaver, Editor of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), five days before the 9-11 attacks in 2001. That email is copied below.  I gave a date 9-12, or possibly 9-13, the former being exactly 24 hours to the minute of the actual attacks. The time of the predictive experience was 8:45 AM EST and coincided with the first plunge on the WTC. The paranormal had revealed the planned date, not the actual date, when over a year afterward we learned that the attack had been moved up one day.   One of the 20 terrorists scheduled to take part in the tragedy was arrested shortly before the date, and the fear was he might talk and reveal the plan. It all came together. Four groups of five terrorists were to take control of four airplanes, but United Flight 93 had only four terrorists onboard. The FBI had taken the fifth terrorist into custody for reasons unclear.

I have learned that the paranormal does not predict, it reveals, but not necessarily to end dates. The academic world has some difficulty coming to grips with that, even though others attest to it. “An Experiment with Time” by J W Dunne is one such source.

” India is agitated” was the second event revealed in that same paranormal encounter that I refer to as a dual experience. There have been approximately six such encounters, all unique, and seemingly the way of the paranormal. I have learned that in dual experiences, commonality is shared. That commonality appears to have been al Qaeda terrorism. Nineteen days after the prediction, Madhavrao Scindia, the former Maharaja of Gwalior, fondly referred to as “the people’s prince” was assassinated with seven others in a fiery aircraft explosion. For some unexplained reason the event was glossed over after an initial report. Eyewitness accounts describe a fiery aircraft explosion in the air. It appears the tragedy was made to look like Pakistan was the villain. India reacted, of course, but with considerable restraint while the western world was either oblivious or politics came into play. Undoubtedly this was to the regret of al Qaeda for want of creating an incident between India and Pakistan leading to war. It wouldn’t take much because of the friction between the two countries.

The referenced EMAIL:

Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 11:10:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: “Fred Gurzi” <izrug@yahoo.com Add to Address Book
Subject: Two predictions!
To: “Zofia Weaver” <zweaver@clara.co.uk

Dear Zofia,

1. Another building explodes! [ Africa ?]

2. India is agitated.

I do not know if 1.) and 2.) correlate, but it doesn’t
look like 2.) stands on its own. I have been getting
hints of explosions the last two weeks. [ Africa is the
result of probing].

If signatures apply to these two experiences, then I
look to a six or a seven signature, meaning Sep 12 or
Sep 13.

Date of Experiences: Thursday, 6 September 2001
Time of Experiences: Approx 5:45 AM PDT (8:45 AM EST)

Best wishes,


Post Note: “[ Africa ?]” appearing in brackets is a curiosity. Fifty years earlier I worked for IBM and programmed IBM 701/704 large-scale computers. In the beginning I used machine language (code) instead of assemblers in pursuit of hardware problems, preventive maintenance and engineering changes. I used parentheses, like most, for direct addressing of data and brackets for indirect addressing. I had long forgotten when I emailed the above. Unconscious effects often play a subtle role in paranormal experiencing, conceivably linking Africa to WTC in New York . I am referring to the bombings of those two U. S. embassies in Tanzania and Nairobi , Kenya , on 7 August 1998 in which 220 persons were killed and 4000 wounded. One could argue of an association between the two, hinted indirectly by the brackets. Along that line, I had been experiencing earthquakes to happen in New York for approximately a year before the dreadful attacks, and none culminated. Yet afterward, those experiences ceased. I often wonder if the terrible impacts against the WTC towers had something to do with it.



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