Altered-PK, An End to Airline Tragedies


The foregoing is the first in a sequence of incredible phenomena that I call Altered-PK (Altered psycho kinesis). The beginning of the sequence was to a paradigm of 06s/04s, meaning one of two possible outcomes would occur depending on the number of days between the psychical experience and the actual event. The intriguing phenomena link to airlines, and the two possible outcomes are (1) airline tragedy or (2) altered airline tragedy. The latter would be the result of paranormal intervention for saving a flight, and would occur four days after the psychical experience of it. Otherwise tragedy would occur in six days. Later the paradigm shifted to 19s/09s; that is, nineteen days and nine days respectively.

A significant number of incidents have shown that aircraft tragedies are likely to be a thing of the past through Altered-PK. However, there is a stipulation. In the aftermath credit must be given to where credit is due and appears to be a hard fast rule. It is that straightforward and is irrespective of religious beliefs. To emphasize the point what comes to mind is “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.”

The following, as introductory, is also exemplary of misplaced credit.  An otherwise doomed flight was spared because of paranormal intervention, but to the opposite digit pair of the 19s/09s paradigm. The flight was miraculously spared in 19 days instead of regular nine days. The dynamics of paranormal intervention had reversed. Keep in mind that all that happens in the paranormal realm is known in advance. Although time is in a void, there is irony. As stated before, the paranormal does not predict; the paranormal reveals, and revelations are truths and untruths alike. For example, o2 January 1988 the Kurds reported planting a bomb aboard a jetliner that had crashed near the Aegean coast and killed 16 persons. The vision was just that, but cryptically revealed. The aircraft which I  had remotely seen (RV) was a composite of both  a 737 and a 747 with two explosions coming out the top in  sequence. I documented the prediction and mailed out the particulars to credible sources, giving  two dates of  either Jan 1 or 2. The 737 crashed instead of exploded on Jan 2; but in 12 days short of  a full year a 747 did explode in the air over Lockerbie, Scotland. That was Pan AM 103 and is described in detail in an earlier post on this website.


On 15 January 2009 Flight 1449 landed in the Hudson River and miraculously all 155 persons on board the A320 were saved and with no injuries. It was when the 19s/9s paradigm was in effect, superseding 06s/04s, and predicted airline mishaps were occurring with a probability of 70%. This was to over two dozen events, all documented beforehand and mailed to credible sources. However, the Hudson River incident changed that when the flight pilot, Chesley Sullenberger, together with the NEWS media and a hero worshiping public, had ascribed the miracle, singularly, to a skillful pilot. The NTSB believed the engines had torn loose because of the tremendous torque, when a number of birds from a swarm were pulled into the turbines causing the engines to stall. Had the engines torn away, Sullenberger could have rightfully taken the bows. However, with the engines in tact, the A330 aircraft should have flipped over end to end when it struck the water and all lives lost.  The engines were submerged and not seen until the aircraft was removed from the river and the truth learned.

It was a miracle, as attested to, but credit for saving the flight went to the wrong source. Sully, as he was affectionately called, even wrote a book about his success and followed up by making public appearances to reinforce his new image. He has  been quoted as saying he wanted to dedicate himself now to saving lives in the future. A fool turned God. Is it no wonder the paranormal backed off?

This was the first time a spared flight occurred in 19 days instead of nine days. It was clearly a reversal of the paradigmatic digits.  Paranormal intrigue had been slighted, if not altogether shunned, and the exciting 19s/9s paradigm has not been the same. Worse! Four and one-half months later, Airfrance Flight 447 tragically crashed in the Atlantic Ocean under bizarre and mysterious circumstances during a frightening storm. The “Black Box,” when eventually retrieved, indicated the A330 aircraft had not broken apart and spiraled down to a watery grave, as originally believed, but instead was in a steep dive when it plunged into the ocean. The NTSB could give no explanation and the matter was glossed over and seemingly buried. God bless Tiny Tim and the NTSB.


The science of quantum mechanics for observing micro-phenomena (particle behavior of photons, electrons, and so forth) describes a process where behavior is altered when observed. Taken even further, what might we expect of macro-phenomena in the dynamics of real life situations? Might we not expect the same for altering reality? What is the point of perceiving future events if alteration leading to enhanced changes is not part of the growing process? In that context, who or what are the agents effecting physical changes through psychical processes?

It was many years ago when I began foretelling aircraft tragedies and most were  of commercial airlines. Affirmation of experience was that each event occurred within two weeks or less. However, in the ensuing seven or eight years, the disasters began happening to exactly six days after the experiencing. Affirmation had become specific, but it was even more than that.

Strangely, in the midst of “sixes,” tragedies were being spared and some under unusual circumstances. Each of these was to exactly four days after the predictive experience instead of the expected six days, although one event was 13 days afterward. That was a foiled act of terror pursued by a mentally unstable individual in Tel Aviv and was the only event I had ever predicted to the place. It suggests the paranormal is telling us something, and my guess is we are closer to predicting all three things of ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’. Hurdles are still much the same and exaggerated. Although enlightened in some respects, humanity remains prisoner to stigmas and acceptance is slow.

Something altered tragedy when four flights were spared. Since the initial paradigmatic writing, there have been two more. As already mentioned the paranormal had been revealing tragic happenings to occur in six days, and now altered happenings were occurring in four days. Moreover, tragedy was averted in each of the six cases in unmistakable ways. There was no guesswork and is what this is all about. I will describe one of the episodes shortly, but first consider a real life situation for bringing the concept close to home.

A mother’s scream becomes stuck in her throat when at that very moment her toddler chases a ball rolling out onto the street. An oncoming car brakes and swerves but not before the boy freezes in his footsteps. Something far reaching had actually transpired in that instant and specifics were lost in the trauma? I like to think of that something as an interlude of forces coming together so quickly as to transcend time and then gone. These things continue to happen and for the most part are taken for granted or ignored. However, the forces and not the episodes are of interest for how they link to psycho kinesis.

Some parapsychologists claim “Percipients are the agents of PK.”  However, they place a negative emphasis on PK without ever considering the positive side. In the above drama of mother and child, the toddler’s life was spared and agony was averted in a mixture of happenings, but how does it fit with percipients and agents? Was the mother both percipient and agent, conveying an unheard message to her child for averting the tragedy. If so, what was the conveyance exactly? The toddler heard nothing of the mother’s muted cries and neither did the driver, but echoes of unheard sounds broke through barriers of silence and something happened beyond conscious reckoning. The mother had issued a warning to the toddler without uttering a sound and a child’s life was spared. An event was altered because a psychical force had originated with the mother and was communicated to the child. A psychic connection had been made. I refer to it as Altered-PK.

I like to think of PK as connecting two entities of (1) a psychical force and (2) a physical happening, both sharing in the commonality of change. That change can have both a positive result and a negative result. The percipient and agent was the mother for perceiving the danger and for psychically connecting up with her child, the recipient.

This is not much different than a happening several years ago; when at a critical moment I believe the pilot of a Concorde flight became the recipient of a paranormal communique that had warned of danger. I alluded to this above as the best of the four’s episodes. It concerns a Concorde flight where the aircraft lost part of its tail section and could have spiraled out of control and crashed, or for that matter exploded, but somehow the pilot had managed to successfully return the aircraft back to the airport. I had emailed the editor of the SPR (Society for Psychical Research in London) on 22 May 1998 that a Concorde* flight would explode in the air in six days. Instead, the near tragedy was in four days, when the fate of a Concorde flight and its passengers were spared. It was not as expected. Six had long become the pattern and signature of aircraft mishaps and I never anticipated a change leading to broader understanding.

It is noteworthy that World War II pilots reminisce “God is my co-pilot” for miraculously having kept their “shot-up bombers” airborne on return flights. What I am suggesting is this. I was the agent for perceiving a physical happening in a Concorde flight, and through that awareness in a real time frame I was able to communicate it to the pilot at the psychical level. If it weren’t for the fact of four days, we would never have known, and to that end the paranormal was being generous by foretelling two possible outcomes of a flight earmarked to become a problem, both of which were inherent in the 6/04’s paradigm.

Because the Concorde event was experienced four days beforehand, instead of the expected six days, a doomed flight was spared for perceiving the future in an imaginary time frame. It reduces to a question. Had the psychical experience altered reality, thus Altered-PK? The pilot became the recipient of a psychical force that had originated elsewhere and, as a consequence had escaped tragedy.  It is because of that connection the paranormal intervened. Unconscious forces came into play to safeguard a potentially doomed flight, signaled by extraordinary experiencing to the paradigm. The two digit pairs making up the paradigm are thought of as signatures. These are, of course, 6 and 4 to the 6s/04s paradigm, and 19 and 9 to the 19s/09s paradigm. Hopefully, there will be more to come. Incredulous? Maybe it is more believable when viewed from a different perspective. Anything less might be tantamount to naivete. Stated simply, the phenomena works in our behalf and beyond imagining, even in this enlightened time.

*Actually the exact wording was, “There will be an explosion of a (1.) very large aircraft at a (2.) considerable altitude.”


from Air France Flight 447 (


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