Re: Mystery of Numeric Shifting Paradigms – Locusts

Re: Mystery of Numeric Shifting Paradigms, – Israel and Locusts Predictions

Postby arsenicf » Dec 22nd, ’13, 11:21

A second visual appeared with the same component of darkness but with an additional appearance of reddish brown. I was not looking down the same as before. I was off at an angle to the west, where I believe something was coming up from the Southwest to Israel that I failed to see. An appearance over an appearance, but time sequential, was a knife blade spearhead. This is intriguing because I do not remember a shared component in visuals. What was shared was the darkness below and not the spearhead.I failed to note the time, believing the visual was not real. Always a mistake. Alternatively, time may not be a factor, only the date, which was late Saturday PM, or possibly Sunday, 22 Dec 2013 early AM.

Now I wonder if 40 days comes into play, the same number of before. That would be Jan 30 or Jan 31 from the date of the visual. However, I can find nothing of action against Israel to the number 40, so I am reluctant to believe it applies but mention it in passing.

An act of God? Pestilence?* If so, why the reddish-brown? It hints of blood. Dried blood. Maybe even more.

It seems I cannot run from this experience, I am drawn to the mystery.

By association, a visual or vision I experienced 25 years ago makes me wonder. The experience preceded the event by 39 days, and I wondered why not 40 days. At the time I may not have factored in the difference between time zones but is a best guess now.

March 15, 1988

I see the sky grow dark in the early evening.

There are locusts. Thousand upon thousands swarm in a massive circle.

Where do they come from?


The land** will go dry for seven years.[/i]

END Note. Mailed out to credible source/s in advance of happening, as procedural, and usually included news services. That may seem naive now.

Saturday, April 23, 1988 . San Jose Mercury News

Huge locust swarm sweeps across Africa

Los Angeles Times
ROME – A plague of locusts that could become the biggest that modern man has ever known is sweeping voraciously across North and West Africa, foiling international counterattack, officials at the Rome headquarters of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said. (This paragraph followed by eight more)

**Biblical reference: The Book of Joel. Israel is referenced as “The Land” no less than 10 times,.


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