World Drought?

Revised: 31 July 2001


Abstract: I have gained new insights into two sets of psychic predictions I experienced five years ago.  In the combination of happenings, four of them turned out to be visional experiences of the same event.  The predictions appear to favor Kammerer’s seriality rather than Jung’s synchronicity for being expansive in the many levels of experiencing.

In my publication, The Paranormal objectified in a Perplexing Encounter[1]; I describe the two sets of complex interrelated psychic experiences. One set I named the Paranormal Series, and the other set I named the Meta-theme. I believe the psychic experiences lead to one implied meaning, which is chaos on a global scale and, specifically, world drought.

The Paranormal Series began first, and included three psychic impressions of events that came true in a sequence of 19, 20 and 21 days. The Meta-theme followed and included four visions, two of which occurred in a single encounter.

The first event of the Paranormal Series materialized as the demise of TWA Flight 800. On 17 July 1996, 19 days after my psychic experience, the jumbo TWA jet exploded in the air soon after takeoff. Electrostatic discharge was causal for igniting vapors in the center fuel tank. The second prediction in the series occurred under Washington International Airport, when on 30 August 1996, a shuttle bus struck and ruptured a gas main (line). Miraculously, no explosion resulted and no one was hurt. This occurred 20 days after my psychic experience. The third prediction was to be a boat tragedy, when 21 days after the experience, 290 Haitians on board a leaky vessel were reportedly lost at sea on 11 November 1996. All three predictions share in the commonality of ‘leak.’

The first and second visions of the Meta-theme occurred in a single paranormal encounter, which I refer to as a dual experience. These visions were 1) mangled bodies seen clustered on the deck of a boat and 2) earth-bands, approximately twice the diameter of the earth, encircling the globe. This was an extraordinary dual experience. I was a considerable distance from the earth, far enough so that its size occupied less than one-half of my field of vision. Initially I saw a single band around the earth. It then separated into three bands that began wobbling in and out of one another. I was told without words that the band was the paranormal, but I resisted, thinking it was a mistake. Actually, I wanted to believe it was a mistake; who would ever give credence to such a thing? How could the paranormal reveal itself as a band encircling the earth? However, that was then; today I no longer resist what I do not understand.

The third and fourth visions were experienced separately two and three days later, and relayed confusing details about the Haitian deaths on board the boat. These experiences supported my first vision of mangled bodies, but the focus was shifted to the boat instead of the bodies. I viewed the third event from up high looking down on the ocean floor, searching for the boat but unable to find it. I was there as part of the vision, observing myself observing the event. In the fourth and final vision of the Meta-theme, I was in the hull of the boat watching billows of water pouring into the craft that was undoubtedly sinking. The sequence seemed reversed. It was effect (sinking boat) before cause (billows of water) and very confusing. At the time, I concluded the boat was made to sink under suspicious circumstances.

The mangled bodies I saw onboard the boat, suggest that the victims endured agonizing deaths. I had surmised chemical weaponry had been the fate of the Haitians in a heinous experiment. However, years later, another Haitian boat on the same journey, but with fewer persons onboard, ran aground on a sandbar. All perished from exposure and dehydration before the boat was discovered. The bodies were found topside in puzzling disarray. What seems most likely to me now is that the 290 Haitians who died earlier also suffered from exposure and dehydration, although nothing was ever learned of the boat and its victims.

Exactly why the paranormal revealed so much about the boat deaths in comparison to so little about the earth-bands is not altogether clear. However, what is unmistakable based on past experiences is that a relationship exists between the first two visions of the Meta-theme. Dual experiences offer credibility and affirmation to psychic experience. When the first psychic event transpires, it confirms that the second will also happen. The second event is usually more complicated and far reaching than the first. The dual experiences of mangled bodies and earth-bands must share something in common. What happened on a smaller scale to the Haitians forewarns that the equivalent will happen on a massive scale worldwide. Worldwide, because the bands were encircling the entire globe.

At the target level, the Paranormal Series centered on the commonality of a leak for three acausal events in synchronicity. At the projected level, the prediction foreshadows chaos and worldwide drought. Ironically, the world has done little to fortify itself against long droughts, making our dependency upon water all the more frightening. In California alone there have been two extremely severe droughts in the last 250 years. A 60-year drought began in 1760, and 105 years later in 1865, a 23-year-long drought followed. The shorter drought of the two destroyed the cattle industry. With the current population level, the toll on lives would be staggering.

While today the Haitian boat victims seem all but forgotten, questions in my mind still remain. Have I interpreted the dual vision in the Meta-theme correctly? Other possible causes of death upon the boat may have been chemical warfare or drowning, but both of these causes seem unlikely to me.  At an extreme, lightning, a sea mammal or even a meteorite could have struck the boat. However, the same would have to happen on a global scale, but none of these makes sense at the projected level and are not consistent with the visions.

Assuming it was world drought previewed in the dual experience, what can we expect? I believe the drought could begin as early as the year 2002.

File: EarthB414-EV#

[1] Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, July 1999, Vol. 21, Number 2.


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